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Inspector inland revenue book PDF 2021 download. Download complete PDF book and FPSC past papers for inspector inland revenue test preparation. I have already uploaded FPSC written test expected syllabus for the post of inspector inland revenue. 

Download FPSC Syllabus For Inspector Inland Revenue

Federal public service commission test preparation book 2021 for the post of FBR inspector revenue is available now to download for free. As it’s very important to pass FPSC written test before getting a job in federal board of revenue FBR and many candidates can not afford to purchase this book. So keeping in mind to the candidates who want to apply for FPSC inspector inland revenue, i am providing this book in PDF format. This book covers the following topics.

Download FPSC Inspector inland revenue past papers

Contents Of FBR Inland Revenue Book

Part-1 English

  • corrections of common errors
  • correct/ncorrect
  • words followed by appropriate preposition
  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • sentence completion (fill in the blanks)

Part-II Income Tax

Functions Of Board Of Revenue Mcq

Fiscal Policy Of Pakistan

monetary and fiscal policy in the Islam model

Tax Administration/Reforms In Pakistan (Income Tax Authorities)

  • Functions of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
  • Chief Commissioner, Inland Revenue (CCIR)
  • Commissioner Inland Revenue
  • Officer of Inland Revenue
  • Director General (Information Management System) 3t
  • DG (Intelligence and Investigation)
  • Director General (Internal Audit) Direct Taxes
  • DG (Withholding Taxes)
  • Director General (Human Resource Management)
  • Director General (Training and Research)
  • Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue
  • Members of Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue 

The Sales Tax Act, 1990 Preliminary.

  • Scope and Payment of Tax
  • Registration
  • Book Keeping and Invoicing Requirements
  • Returns
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • Appeals
  • Recovery of Arrears

Federal Excise Act, 2005 Preliminary

Levy, Collection and Payment ot Duty

Tax On Taxable Income

  • Computation of Taxable Income
  • Heads of Income: Salary
  • Head of Income: Income from Property 
  • Head of Income: Income from Business
  • Deductions: General Prineypce 3 G (EA0A 0,2401TD%U3
  • Deductions: Special Provisions
  • Tax Accounting
  • Head of Income: Capital Gains
  • Head of Income: Income from other sources
  • Exemptions and Tax Concessions 
  • Losses
  • Deductible Allowances
  • Tax Credits
  • Collection and Recovery of Tax

How To Get inspector inland revenue book in PDF 

You can download this book by clicking the link provided below

FBR inspector inland revenue book download


Inspector Inland Revenue book

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