SBOTS 24th Batch Syllabus, Test Preparation And Result

SBOTS 24th Batch Syllabus. SBOTS State bank officer training scheme 24th batch test preparation. State bank officer training scheme SBOTS 24th batch jobs 2020 for males and females. State Bank Of Pakistan SBOTS officer training scheme past papers and test preparation. 

SBP State Bank of Pakistan Excellent Career Opportunities, State Bank Officer Training Scheme (sbots) -24th Batch. SBP State Bank Officers Training Scheme (SBOTS) – invites applications from talented, sales-motivated, result-oriented and powerful candidates for the 24th Batch “Assistant Directors (OG-2)”. These posts are permanently in Karachi.

SBOTS Syllabus for Written Test

The written test for SBOTS is given below, which includes:

A) English (40% Marks)

B) Analytical / Clinical Skills and General Skills (30% Marks)

C) Pakistan economic situation / insurgency / general knowledge and Computer (30% Marks)

If you want to pass the written test of the State Bank Officer Training Program (OG-1) or (OG-2), prepare the following thoroughly.

English (important Points)

  • Comprehension paragraph writing
  • Synonyms
  • Opposite words
  • Sentence correction
  • One word substitute
  • Idioms 

Analytical qualitative skills and general cognitive mathematics and IQ (important topics)

  • – Algebra
  • – Statement questions
  • – Chain
  • -Ratio
  • – Proportionate
  • Time distance
  • Exponential Basics
  • Number attributes (main, total, absolute, etc.)
  • Age calculation
  • Basic calculation
  • Aptitude Question (IQ Based)
  • Multiplication
  • Affiliate number
  • The question of relationship

General knowledge

  • National characteristics of Pakistan (birds, animals, trees, etc.)
  • International organizations that are part of Pakistan
  • Dams, barrages, rivers, mountain peaks and paths, Canals
  • Sports (especially the Olympics)
  • Current Affairs (Important Matters)
  • Any event / disaster this year? Like a virus in 2020
  • Pakistan Memorandum of Understanding with various countries
  • Read the major events of 2019-2020 in Pakistan
  • Which countries did the PM visit?
  • Sports and Olympic news
  • Economic projects in Pakistan
  • State Bank Related News
  • Were there any important people who died?
  • Basic knowledge about banking
  • Knowledge about Pakistan economy
  • Computer literacy (especially MS Office and Internet surfing)
  • Important persons of Pakistan (e.g. heads, high courts, sharia courts, federal ministers, heads of institutions, etc.)
  • Major county currencies
  • Population, census, economy and neighbouring countries
  • The tallest, shortest, tallest, first and largest in Pakistan.
  • Knowledge about ATMs, Pakistan’s longest road etc.
  • Historic Areas

Current Affairs of Pakistan

  • About PM and Cabinet
  • Significant Financial Events and Surveys 2019-20
  • Banking sector news
  • Population economic statistics? E Census Area
  • Import export facts
  • News related to China, United States, Britain
  • Army News
  • Official news
  • Foreign news
SBOTS 24th batch past papers and syllabus
Syllabus SBOTS 24th batch

State bank officer training scheme SBOTS 24th Syllabus

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